Network of Science Communication trainers and Programs

Chalk Talk Science links sci comm experts worldwide. These individuals and organizations are strong advocates for sci comm training and support the overall mission and goals of CTS. We call these folks “champions”.

CTS can help you find organizations/instructors that provide sci comm training programs that meets your needs and pocketbook. These programs can teach you the keys to spectacular speaking.  A partial list of organizations are listed on the Resource webpage.

The fast growing list of individual CTS champions can be found here. (currently under construction) Champions are a diverse team of scientists, students, public speakers, adult educators, coaches, authors, and sci comm experts who are deeply committed to the CTS mission. Champions function as a professional learning network, where they innovate, develop and share sci comm practices and knowledge.

{Are you committed to revolutionizing communication training throughout the field of science? Let us know if you or your organization wish to be listed as a champion. Contact CTS.}