Network of Science Communication educational Programs

CTS is linking sci comm experts worldwide. Many of these champions of CTS are part of our CTS Faculty team.

CTS Faculty

Our Faculty is a team of professional scientists, public speakers, adult educators, coaches, authors, and sci comm experts who are deeply committed to the CTS mission and conduct professional development activities on behalf of CTS.   Each Faculty member brings his or her own areas of expertise as well as a comprehensive understanding of the how to build programs that integrate sci comm training into the careers of all scientists. In addition to leading professional development activities in the U.S. and abroad, the Faculty also functions as a professional learning network, where members innovate, develop and share sci comm practices and knowledge.

{Are you committed to revolutionizing communication training throughout the field of science? Let us know if you wish to join our faculty. Regardless, support the our mission by becoming a member (aka, champion) of CTS.}