It’s too late to prepare when the opportunity comes. β€“ Coach John Wooden

You can make a difference. Good communication skills are critical for you, and your colleagues, organization, and students. Don't wait until it is too the day before a job interview or a meeting with the university President. Learn the skills now so that they are available when needed. Host a CTS Program and then make communication training a regular part of your organization.   

HOST CTS programs

Hosting is easy, inexpensive and a terrific investment for you and your team. Contact me to discuss your needs. I will travel to your site and present the Program(s) of interest. I enjoy working with groups of all sizes.


The only costs to you are my travel expenses (economy fare) and a negotiable honorarium. The honorarium covers preparation time, materials and funds needed to continue and expand future CTS Programs

spread the word

A goal of the CTS initiative is to create a culture where all scientists, engineers and technical staff are good speakers. Even if you don't host a CTS Program, consider ways that you and your organization can learn and practice the skills of good communication. Check out the Resource page for suggestions. 


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