Why WE do this

Hey, we know science is often hard to explain. Yet, it is critical that we tell people about what we do and who we are. Failure to talk to the people who support our work through tax dollars or donations is an awful mistake: bad for our careers, bad for our universities/companies, and bad for all of us in science. Failure to explain science in a meaningful way also enables anti-science rhetoric to dominate the conversations.  

Recent reports from the National Academy of Science and an NSF-funded conference organized by COMPASS highlight the need to integrate science communication into STEM graduate education programs. (For details, see Communicating Science Effectively: A Research Agenda, and GradSciComm.) Unfortunately, help in establishing, increasing or strengthening such programs is often lacking. And quite frankly, who has the time to set up or take sci comm learning programs!? Maybe CTS can help you. CTS provides resources to make it easier to make communication training available to scientists at all careers levels.