why is oral science communication so important?

CTS works to integrate communication training into the career development plan of all researchers. Having good oral communication skills...

  • Makes people look, sound and feel good 

  • Uses stories to explain science 

  • Helps people connect with friends, families and colleagues.

  • Helps science move forward

  • Prevents misunderstandings and lost funding opportunities

  • Informs the next generation of scientists 

  • Reduces the universal fear of talking in front of a group

  • Helps scientists present talks that encourage the audience to listen, remember and enjoy

  • Gets people poised for their careers in science

  • Helps researchers get funded 

  • Teaches people to use their body as well as their voice to speak well

  • Helps faculty explain their work to administrators, media and students

  • Gives people ways to sustain and further grow their speaking skills 

  • Makes people smile and love science!