It’s too late to prepare when the opportunity comes. – Coach John Wooden

You can make a difference. Good communication skills are critical for you, and your colleagues, organization, and students. Don't wait until it is too the day before a job interview or a meeting with the university President. Set up sci comm training programs to learn the skills today so that they are available when needed tomorrow. Get started now… make science communication training a regular part of your organization.   


Everyone wants scientists to be better speakers. Please consider joining us in this important initiative. You can help by becoming a volunteer instructor, mentor/advisor, advocate for sci comm, or host for a sci comm training program. No dues … just let us know of your interests, expertise and how to reach you. Contact information is listed below.


Hosting a CTS Workshop is easy, inexpensive and a terrific investment for you and your organization. Contact us to discuss your needs. CTS will travel to your site and present the Workshop(s) of interest. We enjoy working with groups of all sizes.

The only costs to you for hosting a CTS Workshop is a modest honorarium, similar to what you would give a guest speaker(s). The honorarium partially covers travel expenses, preparation time, materials and funds needed to continue CTS work. 

NOTE: Training programs are also available from many other organizations & instructors. See the list on our Resources webpage. CTS can help you find the ones for your group.

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please let us know as soon as possible. Let’s get started…we’re here to help! Contact information is listed below.

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A goal of the CTS initiative is to create a culture where all scientists are good speakers. Consider ways that your organization can encourage learning, practicing and using good communication skills. Check out our Resource page for suggestions or contact CTS. 

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Contact us to see if CTS can help set up, maintain and integrate science communication training into your organization. Give us a call/text, send an email or fill out the form below.

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