what is chalk talk Science?

Chalk Talk Science is an initiative I started in 2012. The mission is to help scientists and science students improve their ability to talk to all types of audiences about what they do and who they are. An underlying goal is to make speaking skills an integral part of the all science and engineering curricula, and dramatically improve the talks we scientists give to technical as well as nontechnical audiences.  

Why am i doing this?

For over 30 years, I have worked with universities, colleges, research centers, Federal agencies, high schools and professional societies to advance the communication skills of science students, faculty and staff. Science is hard to explain to nontechnical audiences. Yet, it is critical that we tell people about what we do and who we are as individuals. Failure to talk to the people who support our work through tax dollars is an awful mistake: bad for our careers, bad for our universities/companies, and bad for all of us in science. Failure to explain science efficiently and quickly also enables anti-science rhetoric to dominate the conversations.  


I travel to schools, companies and professional meetings to present a variety of face-to-face Programs (instructional lectures, colloquia and workshops) that will improve the way we talk to others about our research and who we are as scientists. In these Programs, I...

  • Give lectures and instructional workshops

  • Make people look, sound and feel good when speaking

  • Inspire researchers and teachers to build stories to explain science

  • Help people connect with friends, families and colleagues.

  • Help science move forward

  • Prevent misunderstandings and lost funding opportunities

  • Set the stage for the next generation of scientists to learn and grow

  • Reduce the universal fear of talking in front of a group


  • Help scientists present talks that encourage the audience to listen, remember and enjoy

  • Get people poised for their careers in science

  • Help researchers use their communication skills to get funded 

  • Teach people to use their body as well as their voice to speak well

  • Help faculty explain their work to administrators, media and students

  • Give people ways to sustain and grow their speaking skills 

  • Make people smile and love science!