CTS presents interactive science communication workshops. The Workshops emphasize foundational skills and knowledge that help grad students, postdocs and faculty establish sustainable science communication (sci comm) programs.  We can show you how to:

  • get started, find an advisor and establish a sci comm leadership team

  • locate sources for learning powerful sci comm skills 

  • partner with individuals within your organization that can enhance your sci comm training program

  • find organizations (in addition to CTS) that teach and have resources for sci comm training

  • connect with and share best practices with groups like yours that are running sci comm courses 

  • help others (yourself?) overcome the fear of public speaking

  • determine the best time, where and how often to meet

  • tailor your training for specific subgroups within your organization (e.g., grad students have different needs than postdocs!)

  • use incentives to keep your program going and become integrated into your organizational culture

  • find funding for your sci comm initiatives. 

CTS will present both regional and local workshops each year. Regional Workshops are hosted by and highlight a university, research center, or corporation interested in starting or maintaining a sci comm program. For these workshops, we will charge a nominal registration fee (TBD) to cover expenses.  Regional workshops are open to all STEM grad students and professionals.  

Local Workshops are intended to address the specific goals and needs of a laboratory, department, school, university, research center, or corporation.  CTS requests a modest honorarium (TBD) to support travel, instructor(s) expenses and materials.  

If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us as soon as possible. Let’s get started…we’re here to help!