The overall MISSION of CTS is to help integrate oral communication learning into the career development plans of all scientists. CTS started giving workshops in 2012 to help both new and experienced scientists improve their ability to talk to all types of audiences about what they do and who they are. CTS now has expanded to provide resources for organizations to include science communication learning into graduate student curricula, postdoctoral experiences and faculty development.

The overall goal of CTS is to dramatically improve the talks we scientists give to technical as well as nontechnical audiences.  (For now, CTS focuses on enhancing oral presentation skills.) By increasing awareness of the value of good speaking skills and providing resources to learn and practice science communication, CTS recognizes that we will develop a community of practice in which good communication is the norm, not the exception.   

CTS is preparing to become a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2019.