Chalk Talk Science helps groups establish, grow and maintain oral science communication programs in three ways.

1. CTS advises graduate student and postdoc associations, faculty mentors, university administrators, and other professional science organizations on how to set up and run science communication learning programs. CTS uses years of experience as scientists, professional speakers and adult educators to provide instruction on designing workshops that meet the needs of your organization. Although some advice can be provided by phone, email or video, in most cases, it is better for CTS to visit your institution and spend enough time in order to design a program that is best for your group.

2. CTS presents interactive workshops that explain how to set up, strengthen and maintain sci comm programs. These regional and local workshops are hosted by and feature a university, research center, or corporation. If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please contact us as soon as possible.

3. CTS networks with other sci comm experts and organizations to help you build your sci comm learning programs. We can help you find the right program to meet your needs and pocketbook.

CTS works to integrate oral communication learning into the career development plan of all researchers. We ...

  • Give lectures and instructional workshops

  • Make people look, sound and feel good when speaking

  • Inspire researchers and teachers to build stories to explain science

  • Help people connect with friends, families and colleagues.

  • Help science move forward

  • Prevent misunderstandings and lost funding opportunities

  • Set the stage for the next generation of scientists to learn and grow

  • Reduce the universal fear of talking in front of a group

  • Help scientists present talks that encourage the audience to listen, remember and enjoy

  • Get people poised for their careers in science

  • Help researchers use their communication skills to get funded 

  • Teach people to use their body as well as their voice to speak well

  • Help faculty explain their work to administrators, media and students

  • Give people ways to sustain and grow their speaking skills 

  • Make people smile and love science!